Meghan’s Light Memorial Birthday Fund is a gift (valued at $250-$500) established in memory and honor of Meghan’s birthday on September 24. The recipient is a cystic fibrosis child and/or adult that represents qualities Meghan demonstrated and valued and is given to enrich the recipient’s life. Sample gifts include memberships to zoos, parks, and entertainment venues.

In 2015 the first membership went to a 3-year old girl with CF and her family in Columbus, Ohio.

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing gift your organization gave our family! Cassady is going to love it! COSI [Center of Science and Industry] is one of the premiere children’s museums in the country and a meeting place for many of the families in Columbus during the cold winter months. This membership is more than just a great learning and family opportunity, it is also an entry into a kid’s social circle… Which I’m sure you can guess will help “normalize” Cassady with her peers (which is something that just can’t be measured and is amazingly important to us as parents)…

On a personal note, I’m truly touched that Meghan’s Light chose Cassady as their recipient this first year.

We were struck by her [Meghan’s] joy for living (even in the face of its short span) and her ability and willingness to not waste the chance she was given to experience the world. On that trip home we realized that we wanted to be people who lived just that way. We wanted to be parents who raised children to live just that way. And, we realized that Cassady’s CF diagnosis could actually be the catalyst to creating a family filled with a life living spirit and wealth of experiences together.

Once again, THANK YOU! This is a thoughtful, helpful, and FUN gesture! And in my mind, that is just like Meghan.


In 2016 Meghan’s Light Birthday Fund had two recipients- a brother and sister with CF.

Jason is in his third year as a biochemistry major at a prominent university where he is a peer fellow and does summer research.
I plan to continue the active lifestyle which you guys have honored me for. Now it won’t just be to keep myself healthy and happy but also to help show all those with CF or other illnesses that you don’t have to let the illnesses get in the way of living an adventurous or even just a normal life. Meghan was able to show others that CF wasn’t going to get in the way of her dreams and I hope that I can do the same to a new group of people.


Amy is beginning her second year as a communications major at a well-known out-of-state university.
It was such an honor to receive a Meghan’s Light Memorial Birthday Fund gift. With the gift cards to Barnes & Noble I am able to buy textbooks through my school bookstore. I am so grateful to be able to use this gift to further my education and hopefully make the world a better place. Thank you to all those who made this happen in remembrance of Meghan.


From the Parents of Jason and Amy

Meghan’s story of living life has provided both of them renewed energy and excitement to live life to its fullest and make a difference in this world.


In 2017 the Meghan’s Light Memorial Birthday Fund recipient was ten-year old Ella who has CF.

Ella enjoys gymnastics, her trampoline, reading and hanging out with her friends.For months, Ella had been saving for an X-Box. She sold veggies from her family garden and earned over $100. Ella donated $50 toward CF and put the rest in her “X-Box savings fund”. Ella saved her tooth fairy money and all of her chore money. Meghan’s Light ordered an X-Box One-S with the Minecraft Bundle that was delivered to Ella’s home on the Tuesday following the 5K/Family Fun Run.


Over $161,000 Raised in Four Years

Our Mission

The mission of Meghan’s Light is to support finding a cure for cystic fibrosis and to inspire hope and courage in patients, families and communities impacted by the disease.

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