Tammy’s Soulful Adventures Award

The “Tammy’s Soulful Adventures” fund was established in memory and honor of Meghan’s Light publicist and long-time devoted and treasured friend of Meghan, Tammy Jacobson-Landon. Tammy was a dedicated supporter of Meghan’s Light right from its creation and offered her outstanding qualifications, expertise and media relations services as the publicist. Tammy and Meghan’s views aligned in their outlooks on life. Both shared a passion for seeing and experiencing the world, living life to the fullest, and loving deeply. The recipient of this award is a cystic fibrosis child and/or adult that shares the same soulful spirit for life and adventure that Tammy had and is given to enrich the recipient’s life and provide a soulful experience. 

This year’s recipient, Veronica Walsh, aligned perfectly with things Meghan valued. She is a member of the CHAARG organization at UMass, whose mission is to empower every CHAARG girl to be the best version of herself through embracing a happy and healthy lifestyle through fitness. This year was her 2nd year participating in the Meghan’s Light 5K Race and Family Fun Walk.

A female from Western Massachusetts, just like Tammy, it was evident that this year’s recipient, Michele Rodriguez, was a perfect match for this award. Upon accepting this award, Michele overflowed with gratitude. She shared a bit about herself and life with cystic fibrosis:

“Living with cystic fibrosis isn’t easy. Many people have looked at me and my cystic fibrosis as a terminal chronic disease in that prevents me from doing normal daily activities or adventures that most people could do without thinking twice. However, this has only been my motivation to do more, never less. Knowing my disease is terminal has only pushed me to travel and see the world, experience each and every day to the fullest, and love deeply and with my whole heart. I have, and continue to, travel the world. I have found true love and now can continue to travel and experience new adventures with him by my side. Cystic fibrosis has never once held me back in life, but only continued to push me to do the most with each and every day.”

As the recipient of the Tammy’s Soulful Adventures Fund, Meghan’s Light was honored to offer Michele $1,000 toward her honeymoon next year. This is about the same amount of money Tammy raised in the final months of her life while doing a fundraiser, Paw Prints for Meghan, to raise funds for the Meghan’s Light 65 Wellness Wishes program. Amidst great challenges with her health, Tammy shared that this project gave her life purpose. The ripple effect of Tammy’s compassion and purpose live on, honoring her inspiring efforts to help others impacted by cystic fibrosis. Michele, we hope you continue your journey living passionately and loving deeply. Congratulations!

Wellness Wish Updates

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Our Mission

The mission of Meghan’s Light is to support finding a cure for cystic fibrosis and to inspire hope and courage in patients, families and communities impacted by the disease.

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