65 Wellness Wishes

Meghan’s Light 65 Wellness Wishes grants 65 health-focused awards for wellness memberships and activities to Cystic Fibrosis patients treated at Boston Children’s Hospital and Baystate Medical Center. The target number 65 references sixty-five roses a term used since 1965 by young children with cystic fibrosis trying to pronounce the name of their disease. The project honors Meghan’s lifelong passion for fitness.

65 Wellness Wishes Recipients

Lauren | Chicopee, MA
Wellness Wish: Dance Lessons at a Fred Astaire Studio

My husband and I started dancing for our first dance and quickly fell in love with it. Not only is it great exercise but it’s an instant date night! With this gift, I look forward to physical and mental health.


Melanie | New Bedford, MA | Age: 37
Wellness Wish: Reiki/Massage Sessions

I have been on IV antibiotics for 7 weeks and am still struggling to feel better. In addition to my pulmonary symptoms I am also experiencing lots of back pain from all the coughing, etc. I believe that a Reiki/Massage combo will help me feel better both inside and out. However, it’s a hard time of year financially so I could not afford this complementary therapy. Thank you so much for your consideration. Happy New Year!


Kayla | Somerville, MA
Wellness Wish: Private Pilates Classes at C2 Body Studio in Boston

This form of exercise has grown more important to me ever since I began experiencing severe problems in my back and shoulders due to the force and frequency of coughing. I have taken group classes with several different instructors at C2 Body and they are by far the best instructors I have ever encountered A number of these instructors are trained physical therapists. I believe that a few private sessions would provide an exponential benefit to the work I do in the group classes, which I plan to continue taking.


Nora | Franklin, MA
Wellness Wish: Planet Fitness Membership

Fitness has always been my way of keeping a healthy mind and body except I’ve never been able to afford a gym membership. With this wish I plan on getting into the habit of going to the gym every day, using the classes and getting myself to be as healthy as possible


Bryen | Methuen, MA | Age: 17
Wellness Wish: Membership to Choice Fitness

I would go to Choice Fitness daily for exercise.


Kate | Gloucester, MA
Wellness Wish: Pilates Classes

I too felt like I was hand and hand with Meghan today. I thank her for supporting my journey of getting better. I didn’t mention it today but I am trying to get on the lung transplant list. I am very interested in trying Pilates to strengthen my core. I have tried aerobics and it is too hard to catch my breathe. Pilates works on using muscles that open your airways and builds strength in your body as a whole. The studio is aware of my CF and will work specifically to help me. I would be very honored to keep Meghan’s Light shining.


Becky | Chicopee, MA | Age: 24
Wellness Wish: Personal Trainer

I have been very ill the past few years and feel exercising would be very beneficial to my health and improve the quality of my life. My CF has really been taking a toll the past two years and fitness went to the sideline because my energy level was gone. I desperately want to get back into shape and improve the quality of my life again. I think having a personal trainer will keep me motivated and feel like I have extra support.


Emily | North Grafton, MA | Age: 37
Wellness Wish: Anytime Fitness Membership

I would like to join a gym to help me get stronger, improve my health and increase my lung capacity. I also believe this will help my mental health as well.


Katarzna | Woburn, MA | Age: 28
Wellness Wish: Salsa Lessons at Kadanse

Four years ago, I took Salsa lessons with a friend and ever since, I’ve wanted to continue with them. Dance/ballroom dancing is AMAZING cardio and a form of airway clearance. Kadanse offers everything from Salsa, Cha Cha and Zumba to Yoga and Barre classes! The added bonus is that they are one mile from my apartment and I have a friend who is committed to learning Salsa with me.


Joseph | Fall River, MA | Age: 9
Wellness Wish: Taekwondo Classes

Joseph has been going to Taekwondo for 4 months. He really loves it and gets a lot of exercise and different experiences out of it. This would really help to keep him going and doing what he loves. (Request from Mom Melissa)


Erica | Cambridge, MA | Age: 29
Wellness Wish: Dance Classes at the Dance Complex in Cambridge

Exercise is a big part of my CF routine! My favorite way to exercise is taking dance classes, but I often have trouble affording them. I’d love to be able to take one class a week at the Dance Complex in Cambridge!! It would be so great for my lungs and my mental health!


Christina | Blue Hill, ME | Age: 38
Wellness Wish: A Treadmill

I am currently going through the lung-transplant evaluation for a 2 nd time. After going through Pulmonary Rehab twice, exercise is proving to be an essential part in staying off the transplant list and being overall healthier. Being able to acquire a treadmill will allow me to exercise at my pace, in my home with no excuses. It will also allow me to exercise without the health risks that public places can have on CF patients. When my lungs fail, when transplant becomes a reality, I want to be strong and ready.


Kristen | Medfield, MA | Age: 21
Wellness Wish: Firebird Fitness

I currently work two jobs while also being a full-time college student and I still make sure I am staying active by working out. I found it hard to find fitness classes that would fit my busy schedule but was able to find a startup fitness company that is willing to work with my schedule called Firebird Fitness. This grant would really help in paying for this service so I can stay active and keep my lungs in motion.


Tracy | Lowell, MA | Age:
Wellness Wish: Planet Fitness

This past year has been a bit tough for us, financially and personal health wise. I have neglected my fitness health due to working 2 jobs, in order to keep up with the demands of paying for college amongst other living expenses. My daughters are encouraging me to take action and change this. They would like me to be able to walk the dogs with them, while having a conversation, around the neighborhood without stopping several times to allow me to catch my breath. In October I had to leave my job, to fill this time I started to workout at home. I use fitness videos and a treadmill at my neighbor’s home. I find that I am having a hard time keeping motivated. My daughter has now decided she wants to help keep me motivated, she purchased me a used fitbit 2. I send her reports on my daily accomplishments and we discuss how I can improve. I’ve been going to Planet Fitness with a friend on their membership. I find the energy of being in the gym inspirational. I would like to get a membership giving me the ability to make my own schedule. Plus, with this membership I would be able to bring one of my daughters with me from time to time. I feel like going to the gym would be a great tool to achieve my goal, which is to comfortably walk the dogs and talk with my girls without stopping.


Nancy | North Andover, MA | Age: 40
Wellness Wish: Home Yoga

My husband and I have been going through IVF for the last 2 years. We just had our first round in December and found out we’re pregnant! We had to pay out of pocket for IVF so any help going towards yoga which helps me would be appreciated. I love love love yoga, I am so excited to get this opportunity. Yoga is an activity that may benefit patients with CF in many ways including strengthening muscles of breathing, improving lung function, and reducing stress which could improve quality of life and adherence to therapies. Even prenatal yoga can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. Studies have suggested that practicing yoga while pregnant can also improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.


Kaci | Bridgewater, MA | Age: 19
Wellness Wish: Old Colony YMCA

I am a 19 year old student at Bridgewater State University. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth. I have always loved going to the gym because it is not only very beneficial in keeping me healthy with my CF, but it is also a stress relief for me. Gym membership payments are difficult, so this would help me greatly. The YMCA offers weights, cardio equipment, classes such as spin, body pump, swimming, yoga, and more.


Kevin | Westford, MA | Age: 38
Wellness Wish: Gym membership

I have been a lifelong patient at Boston Children’s Hospital, where I have received wonderful care. A little over six months ago, I received a life saving double lung transplant due to end-stage Cystic Fibrosis, and most recently just got discharged from the hospital following an episode of acute organ rejection after a brief illness. If awarded this grant, it would be such a huge help and stress relief. I would use this grant to help pay for a gym membership at a local facility. My town recently opened a recreational facility where they have a gym and offer adult basketball pickup games. My goal is to start playing basketball regularly once my precious donor lungs are up and running again. I haven’t been able to play an organized sport like this since college, so this would mean the world to me.


Ali | Cambridge, MA | Age: 34
Wellness Wish: Fitness ClassPass

This grant would allow me to continue taking fitness classes. WIth ClassPass it keeps me socially engaged and keeps me pushing myself. I feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically. But, the cost is a monthly cost that does cause stress- making finding the funds to continue always a burden. Financial problems with this illness cause stress when it should be the last thing patients need to focus on. I would feel so appreciative for any financial assistance, that would ease my mind and give me peace to not have any added pressure to find health-related activities.


Tess | Brighton, MA | Age: 29
Wellness Wish: Goldfish Swim School

I would like to register for 2 months of swim lessons for my 5-month old. Parents are in the water with their babies so it is great bonding time and low impact exercise for parents and child. It also gets us out of the house in the cold months!


Rachel | Somerille, MA | Age: 30
Wellness Wish: Healthworks Trainer

Supporting my quest for better fitness has been easier since I joined Healthworks, an all women’s gym. The staff is supportive and always willing to accommodate and help out with individual requests. I would like to work with a trainer to further increase my strength, stamina, and overall health.


Justin | Haverhill, MA | Age: 32
Wellness Wish: Boom Athletics

The impact this wish will have on me will be significant for my health as well as my state of mind. I will be building my strength physically as well as mentally and preparing for a transplant in the future this year. I will also be able to get in the best shape possible to be able to have a successful transplant and long term health.


Dylan | Greenfield, MA | Age: 14
Wellness Wish: Montague Park and Rec Department

This wish would allow Dylan to keep participating on the Montague Bluefish Swim Team. He has been swimming for 4 years and has made many friendships. In addition, the swimming has helped him improve his lung function and stay on top of his chest physical therapy. He has also needed less IV therapy since swimming. Since we have 4 children it is not always easy to pay for his sport and this grant would greatly ease this burden.


Paige | Belchertown, MA | Age: 25
Wellness Wish: 50/50 Exercise and Nutrition

The more I can exercise the better my lungs feel. As a child my parents always had me participating in a variety of sports. I played soccer, swam, and rode horses (which I still do to this day). However, as I get older my health is “one step forward, two steps back”. With the challenge of staying healthy I am finding the need to find new ways to keep my lungs clear and my PFTs up to an acceptable number. I have recently taken a few Spring classes at a local Spin Gym. Although it was challenging I really loved it, and felt it was amazing for my lungs and was easier on my knees. I also suffer from Cystic Fibrosis related arthritis. I had taken up running last year to help with my lung function and even participated in a few 5K runs. I was proud of myself for taking on that challenge, but I found it hard on my knees. I hope you will consider granting me a twenty class pass to 50/50 Exercise and Nutrition, in Hadley. The spin studio staff has been so encouraging to me and it feels wonderful to have the support, This is an expensive disease to maintain, and gym memberships and classes are expensive, but necessary for my lungs. This wish would help deflect the cost.


Anonymous | Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard, MA | Age: 25
Wellness Wish: YMCA Martha’s Vineyard

I would really love a membership to the YMCA because exercise is a good way to improve my health! It will increase my strength and mental well being.


Amy | Somerville, MA | Age: 32
Wellness Wish: Elements Massage

The assistance provided by Meghan’s Light would be significant for me as a Cystic Fibrosis patient. The enormous demands on my time, energy, money, and support network are consistent and increasing over time, especially as I am now in the transplant evaluation process. Assistance will help me maintain what lung function I do have and hopefully lengthen the amount of time before it is necessary for transplant. Significant weight loss and physical strain from repeated hospitalization has been a major challenge the last year and the support provided by Meghan’s Light would be utilized to improving both of those situations. My entire experience with the Meghan’s Light Foundation has been wonderful – everyone was responsive, knowledgeable, and made the process as easy as possible. It has been a real gift, not only as an avenue to receive additional support, but in terms of being able to get connected with such genuinely kind, compassionate people.


Brian | Hanover, MA | Age: 24
Wellness Wish: Challenge Rocks

This wish is incredibly generous and will help me to be as active and confident as possible. When I am exercising I feel better emotionally and physically. Rock climbing is my favorite activity, but is very expensive. Unfortunately, the price has kept me from going as much as I would like to. This will help me to get a membership and go as often as I want. Thank you so much!


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