Visit with Vertex CEO

It was an honor to spend the day at Vertex Pharmaceuticals as Meghan’s mom, Betty Hukowicz, joined Dr. Jeff Leiden, Chairman, President, and CEO of Vertex, and the uplifting Emily Schaller to discuss the history and impact of cystic fibrosis in their lives before an audience of 300 people in an auditorium and additional Vertex employees from around the world through a video conference. Having had CF in her life for 65 years and losing a sister, brother, and daughter, Betty was able to share a unique history of the disease and medicines and how it has evolved. Her strength is inspiring She has turned the tragedies in her life into opportunities to give hope to others impacted by the same disease through her passionate efforts with Meghan’s Light.

Betty was also joined by the uplifting Emily Schaller, who has CF and has created her own nonprofit – Rock Cf.

Thank you Vertex Pharmaceutical for capturing these impactful stories of courage, love, and hope. Our evening ended at Brigham & Women’s Hospital as we watched a blazing and amazing sunset from a high floor with one of our wonderful and inspiring 65 Wellness Wishes recipients…what a grand finale it was

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